Upgrade to 2.3 fails on Hyper-V

  • Running 2.2.6-RELEASE and upgrading to 2.3-RELEASE on Hyper-V 2012 R2 Core.

    Has run flawlessly for a couple of years now on Hyper-V and this is my first upgrade failure. I ran the auto-upgrade from the web GUI and then I see this at the console when it reboots after the upgrade:

    I have reverted to Checkpoint (hooray for VMs). Any ideas what I should do?


    I installed a new VM and it worked OK, except I could not get the WAN interface working on PPPOE. So it seems the mounting issue is resolved with a new install.

  • Hyper-V changed the disk device during the upgrade. You're fine now that you've reinstalled, but any others who encounter that, see this.

    The PPPoE not connecting I'm guessing is either that NIC not being connected to the right virtual network, or maybe a PPP config issue (wrong user/pass or something). What do the PPP logs contain?

  • Thanks, all fixed now.  :)

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