No IPv6 addresses on internal interfaces after reboot

  • I've been seeing this problem ever since I enabled IPv6 a while ago.  First with Comcast, and now with centurylink fiber (6rd).

    The WAN interface always seems to bring up an ipv6 address fine and i have two internal interfaces that are configured for "track interface" tracking against WAN that whenever I reboot, the interfaces don't seem to allocate an ipv6 network.  If I bump (down and up) the interfaces they always get an ipv6 network.

    Prior to 2.3 it was intermittent.  If i rebooted a few times eventually the interfaces get an address.  With 2.3 I haven't had it allocate an ipv6 network yet, but I also haven't rebooted it a bunch of times to see.

    Seems like some kind of timing/race condition issue.  Any ideas?  It's not a big deal to bump the interface each time, but it'd be nice if it just worked.

  • Hey,

    I have the exact same issue with the Norwegian fiber internet provider "Altibox". This is the provided ipv6 rd setup information:
    IPv4 BR adresse:
    IPv4 Prefix: 0
    IPv6 Prefix: 2a01:79c::
    IPv6 Prefix Length: 30
    IPv6 DNS: 2a01:798:0:8012::4

    I am running with a "track interface" transparent bridge between my LAN interfaces with both SLAAC and DHCPv6, and ipv6 works great if I follow the "bump" procedure you mentioned earlier, restarting the interface. It can run for months without any hiccups with ipv6, but after a reboot ipv6 always fails. I am not able to ping from the firewall itself, and ipv6 connectivity is lost on all connected clients on the LAN side as well.

    This issue has been going on for over a year (ever since I started using ipv6) with the stable pfSense build (x64) on custom hardware.

  • With 2.4 there are a lot of problems gone for IPv6 (e.g. unbound restarts every 15min). But on reboot there is still an issue not getting a prefix for lan-site. there is a script in the forum which is checking and reloading the prefix.


  • I've been battling this with my brand new SG-1000 running 2.4.0-RC and scouring the forums for clues.

    Bumping interfaces doesn't seem to help. What does seem to work is changing the prefix on the WAN interface, e.g. from 60 to 56 and back to 60.

    Can you help me find this script you mention for reloading the prefix? I suddenly feel like I'm on the right track.

    Edit: bumping interfaces does seem to help, after all, though it takes a minute or two.

  • can only deliver my script which is a little bit changed.

    # rc.check_lanipv6
    # performs an: ifconfig re1 | grep 'inet6 2003:'
    # and reloads interface lan if no valid IPv6 Adress is currently bound on re1
    /usr/bin/logger -t re1 "Probing for valid IPv6 Adress on LAN interface (re1)"
    while ! ifconfig re1 | grep 'inet6 2003:' >/dev/null
            /usr/bin/logger -t re1 "No valid IPv6 Prefix found ... trying to reload WAN interface
    to fix that"
            /usr/local/sbin/pfSctl -c 'interface reload wan' >/dev/null
            sleep 15
            /usr/bin/logger -t re1 "Probing (again) for valid IPv6 Adress on LAN interface (re1)"
    /usr/bin/logger -t re1 "Valid IPv6 Adress found ..."
    exit 0

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