• I am currently using the UML295 with the latest version of pfsense. I want to use my LG G4 phone (it supports carrier aggregation). If I use it in ethernet USB tether mode, will I need to install/compile additional packages to support this? Thanks!

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  • Has anyone used the rndis commands for usb tethered devices?

  • Am I the only person on the planet with this request? lol

  • Apparently, yes. :)

    I'm not sure offhand what that would require. If you search on doing that using FreeBSD, you'll probably find the answer as to what's required, or whether it's possible at all.

  • I thought it would be an available package or option, I'll keep looking. Thanks!

    It appears the following can be done, but I didnt get any results using just the "if_urndis_load="YES" command on boot. I also see the following options?

    To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
        kernel configuration file:

    device ehci
      device uhci
      device ohci
      device xhci
      device usb
      device urndis

    Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the
        following line in loader.conf(5):

    if_urndis_load="YES" (Done)

  • Should be able to copy the /boot/kernel/urndis.ko from a stock FreeBSD 10.3 (if running 2.3) system to your /boot/kernel/ and kldload that. Install a 10.3 VM and copy files from there.

  • Why was urndis excluded from the kernel? I think tethering an android phone would be nice way to set up a quick multi-WAN for testing if nothing else is available.

  • I was wondering about this as well. ROOTer Firmware (http://ofmodemsandmen.com/) supports this with no issue on pretty much any Android phone that supports the standard NDIS USB Ethernet Tethering. Really worked well for getting me out of a pinch where the ISP messed up a transfer and left us high and dry for a week. The only other way I can think to achieve this using PFSense is to have it going into a basic TP-Link router and then expose that to a WAN port on a PFsense router as a failover.

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