Multiple wan multiple lan

  • Hi ,
    I just installed new version 2.3-RELEASE (amd64) and something start gnawing me. Maybe  such question is laying around, tho i cant find it. Anyway , to cut the long story short , :

    Is there a way or mechanic to designate multiple interfaces as WAN role and multiple  interfaces as LAN role, instead of having 1 WAN, 1 LAN and multiple OPT interfaces ?

    just curious if we can create interface role as abstraction with proper sub properties as well. For example WAN to have GW, LAN to have other …. this list can be expanded a lot.

    Thanks in advance Zanon

  • Any interface with a gateway = WAN (You can name them to whatever, default optN).
    Any interface without a gateway = LAN, you can again name them whatever.

    You can policy route things pretty much which ever way you want to different GW's and setup GW groups for load balancing, failover, etc.

  • As a another example would be the WAN DMZ LAN construction that cames that first explanation nearly.
    You can also have more DMZ zones and different LAN zones like WAN DMZ WLAN LAN or in other
    directions and callings likes WAN DMZ WLAN VOIP LAN or whatever the rest was told before.

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