Any way to restore 2.2.6 full backup?

  • Seeing that the 2.3 upgrade more or less failed in that I have olsrd package remnants I can't remove, can't install squid, and traffic isn't passed through the system (possibly because the removal of traffic shaping rules was not clean or who knows what), it would be great if I could fall back to the old system, remove all potentially problematic settings and packages, and then try the upgrade again.

    But unfortunately the restoration of full backups is gone, too.

    Now what? I have the backup, and a messed up system..,

  • Maybe you can fresh install 2.2.6 again and restore the backup (reverting to 2.2.6)?

  • It sounds like you had a mess on there to start with. Fastest would be installing 2.3 clean, and restoring your config backup. The rescue config option in the installer should work to pull in your existing config (but none of the old package cruft on the filesystem, which is the source of problems there). Then at worst you have stray package config menu items that can be easily removed.

    The full backup files are located in /root/. To do the same thing restore_full_backup would have done, run:

    tar xzPfU /root/my-backup-filename.tgz -C /

    replacing the filename accordingly.

    Keep in mind that was removed because it's not a good way to restore a system. It just copies your old files on top of whatever you have now. That could leave you in a bigger mess. A reinstall + rescue config is probably your fastest option.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I restored the full backup, manually removed all the unsupported packages, and now run the update again.
    While this is happening I noticed Bug #6167, which explains why I had no traffic flowing, since all actual traffic is tunneled through an IPSec connection, so chances are, I could have saved myself the exercise by simply turning off IPComp.

    Still, I should end up with a cleaner file system this way…

    You mention that stray package configure menu items are easily removed. How?

    PS: the squid installation issue must have been due to remnants of previous test installations or permission issues: removing the squid folder took care of that, afterwards squid installed fine, that issue was resolved before the downgrade.

  • So, all said and done: link is up, data flowing thanks to turning off IPComp.
    Squid et al. installed fine.

    However, despite deleting them manually pre-upgrade, there are still a bunch of the old packages showing (vhosts, arpwatch, etc.)

    What is the recommended way of deleting these from the menu and status page? Obviously, trying to access any of them lands me on a 404 page.

  • I manually edit the unwanted package sections out of my 'backup' config.xml before using it to restore the config.

  • This is the general way to remove old package cruft from the config, using bandwidthd as the example:

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