Speed issue

  • Hi All,

    Yesterday i switched from Sophos UTM 9 to the latest PfSense, looking good and working great. But there is one weird thing…
    With Sophos i was able to use all my bandwidth (120Mbit), but with PfSense i can't get any further than 4MB/s or something... with the Sophos firewall it was ~12MB/s.

    What can go wrong? I haven't installed any packages and the config is pretty default...

    Anybody got a clue?

  • You've done all the typical things like verified speed and duplex for your WAN and LAN links?
    Without any more details, that's the easiest thing to check.
    You've looked at system and other logs on the pfSense box to see if any errors are present?

    "…config is pretty default..."

    At some point, it's likely that someone will ask to see rules, configs, etc, since "pretty default" is not "out of the box default"

  • CPU usage? Most people who complaining about slowness is because they checked every box, like sync proxy, and install every package, ohh Snort, I bet that won't slow things down!

    What does your Diagnostics->System Activity look like when you're getting slowness?

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