PfSense from LAN no internet access

  • Hi guys,

    im really new to pfSense and have a big issue. I have installed pfSense on my VMware and everything seems fine BUT from my Lan side and I cannot access to the Internet.
    My Wan got a IP address and my Lan got a IP address.

    I googled for hours and tried everything but nothing worked.
    My host in Lan have following settings:
    IP address
    Gateway this is the pfsense lan interface

    I already unchecked the block private network rule on WAN and set up firewall rules and outbound nat.

    The strange thing is, from my host in lan, I even cannot ping the Gateway( but from my pfsense webgui I can ping my hosts.

    Pls help me guys, I drive crazy if I cannot solve this issue and it's very important!
    Every tip can help and sorry for my english.

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