Can't play Sirius XM

  • I've tried it on several devices on the network and I can't seem to play Sirius XM.  As soon as I disconnect from my wifi, it starts to play.  I can see on my firewall logs on my main page the device getting blocked, but I haven't been able to find a way in 2.3 to unblock it yet.

  • Go to Status/System Logs/Firewall. There you will see the blocked logs as you mentioned. Under the Destination header in the logs there will be a blue + icon. Hover over that with mouse and a pop up will read "Easy Rule: pass this traffic". By clicking that a new firewall rule will be made.
    Next go to Firewall Rules and the new rule will be there. Then you can fine tune it to your liking or move it into proper order.
    Good practice is change the default description to something more personal (Sirius XM) so later you will know what the heck that rule was for.
    Other packages could block this also but not much info to go on so.

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