Pdfsense Nat through multi-wan with different interface lan

  • Whew… that subject was a mouthful.

    I have a multi headed WAN (WAN1, WAN2) on my setup. One of the WANs (WAN2) has a fixed IP and the other one does not. On pfsense side, one of the units has (WAN2) and the other unit has (WAN1). They connect on respectively. It's all good, but could stand some improvement, I guess. But anyway...

    I want to run NAT ssh through the WAN2 to a server inside my network (a third IP, on a different network). I saw that while I thought I had followed the instructions well, there was a different (and more complex) way to do it if there were different networks used, and different WANs.

    I've got a client that needs to set up some stuff via ssh, and I cannot connect him.

    Thanks a bunch! :)


  • I guess, I can change the settings of the two WAN's if need be. If it's easier, then I'll set them to use 192.168.1.??? and see if that does the trick (same as my internal LAN)?

  • Nobody have an answer for me here? Not some hints? Something to try? Names to call me?


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