What happened to rc.create_full_backup in 2.3?

  • I found this very useful and saved by life a few times. What happened to this and the rc.restore_full_backup script?

  • they have been removed. i believe it was said that the pro's didn't outweigh the cons:
    i think it had something todo with left over files that didn't get removed when restoring a full backup, that caused havoc in some cases. (can't find the exact post about this / i could be imagening things)


  • Thanks. I'm wondering to myself if I can port over the scripts from 2.2 since it worked well for me.

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    It didn't "work so well" though, you just didn't happen to have any issues with it yet.

    The main problem is that the backup does not yield a clean filesystem. It's a BWOS (big wad of stuff) that gets spammed over the top of what you have now.

    If a file doesn't exist in your backup, but was there before the backup was restored, it's still there. That can wreak havoc on several areas that rely on loading things dynamically based off directory contents, and have other negative consequences. We've seen it break PHP before, and packages, just to name two big ones.

    Reinstalling+Restoring is so fast (Especially if you use PFI or 'rescue config.xml' in the installer)  that taking the risk rolling the dice with the old "full backup" just isn't worth it anymore.

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