PfSense & Active Directory Tutorials?

  • Hello Everyone,

    i searched a lot in the Web trying to find any kind of tutorials about pfSense & Active directory but i don't seem to find any,

    so i'm asking you (as a newbie) to provide me with some resources about it , and thank you.

    I hope you guys help me since i need it desperately :)

  • It's pretty easy to get active directory authentication going.

    Nothing is really specific to pfsense I guess. The general idea is the same on pretty much any software that uses LDAP/AD.

    Is there a particular part you are stuck on our having trouble with?

    You pretty much need to choose SSL or 389, provide a base dn like DC=domain,DC=local, uncheck anonymous and price the disinterested name and password of an account in ad to do the sync and the distinguished name of an OU to look for accounts in. Hit select containers to choose multiple ou's

    One thing I noticed about 2.3 web ui is that if you choose SSL and it isn't configured right on the AD side so you switch back to 389, then try to hit the select containers button, it won't work. This gives you the impression that your settings are wrong even if they are not. To get around this, I think I had to save my strings then go back in and hit the select containers button again. It will then show you containers to choose from.

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