Bandwidthd Replacement

  • Hi,

    I admit, this is was one of the key tools I used in pfSense - to monitor traffic from LAN clients (to the WAN / internet). I'm not so stuck on it, as I know there were many issues (I reported some of them …  ;)), but ... is there a replacement? Again, just looking to be able to monitor traffic from clients, as a function of time.


  • Hi,

    let me join to this question! We also heavy bandwidthd users. Will be a replacement of this package in pfsense 2.3?



  • Let me join to !

  • just a quick note: I use darkstat as bandwidthd replacement not as detailed but at least gives
    something. Probably we had to implement sflowd and a collector.

  • Gonna bump this one and ask, would it be worth a bounty and would anyone, with knowledge of the task, be interested?!?!  :-\

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