Prioritize Upload Traffic of a single Host in LAN network

  • Hey,
    I wonder if there is a possibility (e.g. with a Floating Rule) to match traffic from a single host (localized in my LAN), by its private IP address, to assign its traffic to a high priority queue (upload traffic).
    I am running PfSense 2.2.6 with a so far working CBQ Shaping setup. My setup is a 1 LAN / 3 WAN setup including some policy based routing. I am using default NAT settings.

    I hope somebody can give me a hint to solve my problem.


  • Just create a floating rule that matches the private destination address and select your 3 WANs. Make sure the rule type is set to "Match", as most floating rules should be.

  • Thank you for the fast answer. Sadly this rule does not work, neither a rule having set the private address of the host as source in an equivalent floating rule.
    I am by far no professional but for my understanding this cannot work as the WAN rules are applied after (for traffic originating in the LAN) NATing took place, hence simply match private LAN IP addresses on the WAN interfaces does not work. Feel free to correct me if my understandings are wrong.
    Of course I would appreciate any other hints.

    Wouldn't it be an option to apply queuing on LAN interface in IN direction? At least it seem to work and sends the traffic to the correct queue, when i setup a floating rule on LAN interface in IN direction matching source IP address as the host i want to prioritize by its IP address.
    I often read things like "only create floating rules for the WAN interfaces for traffic shaping". Are there any side effects?


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