Setting RRD Backup & DHCP Leases Backup Causes ERROR

  • When I goto:

    System | Advanced | Miscellaneous
    Periodic RRD Backup: 24
    Periodic DHCP Leases Backup: 24

    Click Save

    I get this error message on an Alix2d3:

    The following input errors were detected:
        Proxy password and confirmation must match.

    I'm not using any Proxy… It's a new system with only the default settings. :(

  • Administrator

    Works for me.

    Are you sure Lastpass or another plugin ins't autofilling that password field?

  • Thank you jdillard,

    You are correct default Firefox was auto-filling the Proxy Name & Proxy Password fields with my pfSense login info.

    It's OK now, my only other gripe is that I hope the RRD data usage between certain dates feature of the past can be re-implemented in the next release, then I'll be a happy…. ;D


  • Administrator

    Cool. Already have a lot of that code in place. Mostly needs testing.

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