Gateway Monitor (dpinger) PPPOE Latency Alert

  • On pfSense 2.3 I am experiencing constant alerts about my DSL PPPOE connection being down due to high latency. I used to get this occasionally under high load with pfSense 2.2x (apinger) but could lessen it by increasing the "down" setting. My understanding is that dpinger has a different setting for this but I'm not sure how it translates from apinger.

    I have a dual wan (cable/dsl) configured for "member down" failover.  I use policy based routing to steer my high bandwidth users to my dsl (unilimted) gateway and the rest of my lan accesses by gigabit (metered) cable gateway.  The only time I want pfSense to allow my high bandwidth users to access the cable gateway is if it is actually down.  Likewise I want the rest of my lan to access the cable gateway unless it is actually down.

    At the end of the day I really just want to configure dpinger to be more tolerant of my dsl gateway latency or not use latency to determine it's status so I don't get constant alerts.

    Any recommendations?


  • The latency thresholds are on the gateway edit page (System/Routing/Gateways/Edit) in the advanced section.

  • Hi everybody

    Sorry for my english…

    I have now big problem with new version.
    I install network for event (wifi event, sport event or video live)

    I use special satellite connexion on truck

    when i when download file, or when i try to do speedtest or send live video streaming.. my port WAN 1 change statut and stay on OFFLINE few minutes

    and i can t do nothing on internet...

    For everythink run i need desactive WAN monotoring
    but time to time in use 2 LINK... WAN1 and WAN 2 and if i desactive monitoring routeur can t see if i have link down... so it s dangerous for me...

    Have you idea for help me ?...

    thanks a lot


  • In general you want to start a new thread rather than using old threads. Old threads don't receive as much attention as new threads.

    Give that you are using a satellite connection, you need to adjust the latency thresholds to higher values. Check the latency under load using ping, and then adjust the threshold values for the connection on the gateway edit page (System/Routing/Gateways/Edit) in the advanced section.

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