1 WAN, 2 LAN. cannot get get DHCP working since update to 2.3

  • Hi Guys,

    I had a setup that seems to stop working after the update to 2.3 despite backing up an restoring settings etc. So I decided to wipe my VM and start again.

    so I have one WAN. this is working (as I installed the squid package), then I have LAN1 and LAN2. lan1 seems ok, this is a no DHCP proxy setup. LAN2 is where the issue lies.

    as a test I have plugged LAN2 right into a wireless AP on it's own. connected a couple of wireless devices and setup DHCP in PF sense. put an allow all rule in but no matter what I do I cannot seem to get DHCP running. the devices never get addresses. I am totally bewildered as to what I am missing. no matter what NIC or cable I use I get no traffic across my allow any rule. I am not sure if I am being thick and missing something obvious?

  • much testing on this and still un certain.

    if I do not use a 2nd network I can DHCP on the first network. the moment I add a 2nd network I am unable to supply DHCP on that 2nd network. I am so confused by this.

    setup is as follows.
    WAN gateway of
    LAN corporate network has it's own transparent proxy already (in another country), so enter details for this proxy to access content usually block do to location
    LAN2 my guest network. used to RUN DHCP plus transparent proxy. does not need access to LAN only WAN

    LAN2 rule.

    States Protocol Source Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description Actions
    0/0 B
    IPv4 * LAN2 net * * * * none Default allow LAN2 to any rule

    This seems to show 0 traffic. When joined to this wifi on my iphone I get no address. if i press renew lease I can see traffic on the interface hardware ware but the PFsense is basically ignoring it.

    I am at a loss as to why this setup worked before 2.3 and now does not. hence me rebuilding from scratch.

    is there anywhere else I should be looking?

    I have spent atleast 10 hours on this and now I give up.

  • I managed to solve this issue by destroying my VM and rebuilding it a 3rd time and all is well. matter is closed.

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