Monitor Ip activity

  • It is first time is use PFsense for internet sharing and firewall , before PFsense I use Kerio firewall  for my network , Kerio was not enough stable ,so I move to PFsense and I use it Loadbalance  and FailOver ,
    Kerio has nice and very good reporting tools , for report IP activity , For example Kerio show me watch pfsense,org and How many internet use by this IP.

    But I can not find in PFsense 2.3
    I search and I find I can use ntop or sarg for reporting ,
    But I can not find ntop and sarg .
    What I must do ?

  • bandwidthd and vnstat were pretty decent for pfsense 2.2 and earlier but are no longer on 2.3.  Not sure if they are coming back.

    You mentioned ntop, i believe ntopng will come to 2.3, you can read up on it here:

  • Thanks ,
    I want use squid and lightsquid for monitor user activity  How I config squid , user do not have to 3128 in their browser ?
    I want config squid with PFSense and users do  not need set 3128 in their browsers for have internet ?

  • You have to setup squid as transparent proxy, that wil allow lightsquid to see traffic. But in my experience Bandwithd gives you better ip info.

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