PfSense 2.3 on Hyper-V

  • Hello guys,

    I'm totally new to pfSense and dont have much of a clue to how to set it up.

    We want to give our visitors wlan access by sending them to a captive portal and let them login with a voucher. This and nothing else should be done by pfSense. The routing should be done by our own firewall.

    We have a Hyper-V-Cluster with only one virtual switch and a "external zone".

    So I created a new VM on Hyper-V with a legacy network adapter and and installed pfSense. After setting up a IP-Adress for the LAN interface (external zone ip) I expected to be able to reach the web configuration from one of the external zone PCs but i couldnt.

    Can you give me advice where to look this things up or do you have a good guide for my specific goals?

    All help is appreciated :)

  • forgot to set the VLAN ID in Hyper-V and now i can reach it

    but I would still appreciate a good guide for this one :)

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