Network Card Not being detected (igb(4))

  • Purchased a quad port Intel i350 NIC and just plug it in my Pfsense box (did not remove older NICs) and PFsense does not see the network card (igb(4)).  Running Pfsense 2.3 (amd64).

    I presume since I did not run the install Pfsense does not see the new card.  Is there a command I can run that would force PFsense to detect the new card or do I need to do a completely new install of PFsense for the NIc card to be detected?

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hardware support is completely determined by the drivers included in the kernel so re-install will not help you at all because nothing would be any different in re-installed system. One possibility is that your system has BIOS bug that prevents the device being configured properly. The other one is that for whatever other reason your card is not working with the driver included in pfSense 2.3.

    For the first case you could look for a BIOS update for your system.

    Either way, post the output of```
    pciconf -lv

    Also, you can post the relevant parts of```
    ```output, especially lines concerning the igb(4) driver if any are present.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I will look at the BIOS since no lines appear for the NIC in either dmesg or when using pciconf -lv


  • Is the card right fitting in that PCIe slot? Any hair or dust inside between the slot and the card?
    Switch out the pfSense box and pull the cable off, insert the card once more again and put the cable back
    again then switch on the pfSense box once more again and see if that card will be recognized.
    The i350 and i354 are both supported in version 2.3 / 64Bit and that should not be the issues here.

    • Bad or faked card
    • failure card
    • failing slot

    If nothing will be occurring I personally would try out a fresh install and play back then the config back up
    and all should be fine then.

  • That's a good call, definitely test the seating of the card first.

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