• Well, I screwed up.  I have many open VPN's running and I have always set these up myself.  I gave a coworker instructions on how to setup the vpn, which is running, but he forgot to turn on SSH and http_referer.  He then said when he got back into this office (not at the vpn location) he got in and disabled the LAN insterface until that office was up and running.

    Well, I just went to check things out and I am getting the HTTP_REFERER warning on my screen and no SSH access.  If he truely disabled the LAN interface, I shouldn't be able to ping it remotely or see it.  Is this correct?  Other than going down there (2 hour drive) and plugging into the console port how can I enable the LAN interface?  Would you guys think the LAN interface is actually still active as I can see it if I ping it or try to get to it from my browser.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Install a browser extension like RefControl that lets you disable the HTTP_REFERER header on the browser, then login by IP address as usual.

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