{packagename} installation failed

  • One more (cosmetic?) problem after upgrade.
    Installed  'blinkled' today, got the 'installation failed' message in the Web UI while installing. No error in the installation log.
    The same happened few days ago when I reinstalled pfBlockerNG and openvpn-client-export right after the system upgrade.

    No errors in the system log:

    Apr 18 10:33:51 	pkg 		pfSense-pkg-blinkled-0.4.7_1 installed
    Apr 18 10:33:51 	php 		/etc/rc.packages: Successfully installed package: blinkled.
    Apr 18 10:33:43 	php 		/etc/rc.packages: Beginning package installation for blinkled . 

    pfBlockerNG and openvpn-client-export are working fine for a few days already, so I suppose it's a minor cosmetic issue.

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