2.3 Phantom Packages and small quirks

  • So I updated 4 out of 10 units to 2.3 and so far Im overall quite pleased. The C2750's seem bit quicker now, but it could be wishful thinking on my behalf, will conduct further testing to determine real performance improvements.
    Issues I've found so far:
    -ntopng no package yet (that is known) but the logs show pfsense trying to start it anyhow and the dashboard shows the service.
    -Squid/Squiguard combo got broken by update, had to reinstall Squid but after I removed squidguard I saw the same issue as above. Service is "there" and pfsense is actively trying to start it (this by what the logs tell me)

    One minor interface quirk: "installed packages list" should not have to go out to the web everytime to give me the list of packages that are on my system

    Any inputs on how to fully remove a package thru the GUI? (Squid was set NOT to keep settings between re-installs,btw)

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