Lagg + bridge issue

  • Hi all
    could sound stupid…still i have a quite strange setup:

    2 interfaces: igb4,5 are in LAGG1 virtual interface on pfsense ---> connected to LAGG NAS
    2 interfaces: igb6,7 are in LAGG2 virtual interface on pfsense ---> connected to switch LAGG
    both LAGG1 + LAGG2 are in a BRIDGE1 virtual interface on pfsense
    ping from LAN -> PFsense -> WAN works fine
    ping from PFsense -> NAS (same lan network) works fine.
    Ping from lan ip to NAS (same network) is not working.I know the bridge needs a static route defined for the specific nas ip.Problem is i'm not able to create it because all interfaces (besided LAN1) have no ip defined.
    lan1 =
    lan client =
    NAS ip =
    lan client is not able to reach the nas.

    Any clue?

    Thank you

  • ok…made it work
    2x LAGG's under the same bridge keeping the same subnet for all :)
    god bless flexibility :)))

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