Load Balancing SIP Traffic - 2 x ADSL connections

  • I wish to load balance SIP traffic over 2 x ADSL connections. The setup of this is easy, however I am wondering how pfense handles the load balancing from a single LAN IP source.

    Assuming there is 6 concurrent calls being made from the IP address of and a new gateway group is setup with the 2 connections setup on the same tier…. Will I expect to see the bandwidth equivalent of 3 calls being made over each ADSL interface? Effectively load balancing 6 calls offer the 2 x ADSL (3 Calls over each ADSL interface) connections from the same local source IP address?

    Is this question a little more complicated than that... ie if the SIP provider is at the same WAN IP-Address, will this result in all 6 calls routing over 1 particular ADSL/WAN interface at a time?

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