SOLVED: No Dashboard after upgrade

  • _Everything appears to working fine after the upgrade but I have no dashboard.  Is this a planned "feature"?  I get taken to the system / package manager / package installer page when I login and when I select dashboard. I have a checkbox to confirm I want to re-install all packages.  I click that and the system tells me all packages are re-installed.

    How do I get the dashboard back?  I would like to be able to put eyes on glass._

    Turns out I did not dig deep enough.  There were a few packages that didn't install, for whatever reason.  They were listed in the installed packages and I just hit the re-install button for each one and it came back fine.  Accepting that I wanted to re-install the packages on the other screen didn't actually do anything.  All good now.

  • Ctrl+F5?

  • Nope.  Something wasn't updated to change the installation screen back to the dashboard.

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