2.3-RELEASE -> Status -> Traffic Graph numbers don't add up…

  • The graph on the left constantly shows number much higher than the numbers shown for the ip addresses.  Can I assume this is because the graph is including ipv6 traffic, while the list of ip addresses isn't?

    What are people using to reliably show usage in pfsense 2.3?

  • Just guessing, but I think it only shows IP addresses above a certain threshold of bandwidth.

  • The rate output is, and always has been, a little odd in that regard. It doesn't necessarily show everything depending, and doesn't show IPv6 at all. It's good for seeing when a specific IP is sending a lot of data. Beyond that, it's never been useful for much.

    The actual graph data is correct and includes IPv4 and IPv6, that pulls from the NIC's counters.

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