Pfsense is not sending traffic to vpn tunnel ( please see the description below)

  • I have a site to site vpn with following local subnets working perfectly fine:

    (SITE A) local subnet(10.10.20.X) <–-----> PFSENSE <-------Public IP--------> CISCO ASA <-----------> 172.16.80.X (remote subnet)

    now the situation is i want an other subnet 192.168.1.X at site A to pass through vpn and reach 172.16.80.X but i can not modify phase-2 access list and add 192.168.1.X. doing this i know i can solve this issue.

    but without doing any changes to phase-2 I want to nat 192.168.1.X to 10.10.20.X and send it to PFSENSE and then PFSENSE will pass it to vpn.
    I did this on PFSENSE doing a 1:1 nating of to but after doing this still i am not able to communicate with 172.16.80.X.

    kindly help me on this ASAP.

  • You have to add a P2 with the NAT in that case, otherwise it never enters enc0 to be translated and sent across.

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