2.3 Issues seemingly with pfBlockerNG

  • After upgrading to 2.3 I've had various issues. At first, the dashboard would show me a crash. Looking at (and yes I did report it to the developers), it was with pfBlockerNG. So I tired uninstalling and reinstalling the package. This seemed to help, but now I'm experiencing random hardware lockups (physical console does not respond to keyboard).  After hard power down, everything appears to be working. Sometime it will run for a day, sometimes only a few hours, and it will lock up again. I have sense removed pfBlockerNG (or so I thought).

    When I uninstall pfBlockerNG, it does not seem to matter if I have box checked to keep settings or not. They always remain in the config file.

    Also, after removing pfBlockerNG, is still see its cron jobs. I get some of the configurations setting may linger, but I would think the cron jobs should be removed with the removal of the package.

  • I am removing all packages to see if I can prevent the lockup. I'm really not sure what is happening as the lockups are still occurring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I've completely removed pfBlockerNG (and all other packages) and still having lockup issues. Obviously not pfBlockerNG issue.

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