DHCP Static Mappings for this Interface, Does Not allow same "server"

  • DHCP Static Mappings for this Interface is not allowing me to set my NIC cards in the same Ubuntu server to the same IP and Hostname.

    The NIC cards in Ubuntu have been configured for load balancing as Bond0 using iface

    Ideally I wanted them to be like this:
    12:02:a5:4f:08:1e FILESERVER
    12:02:a5:4f:08:1f FILESERVER
    34:16:76:01:dc:22 FILESERVER

    But pfsense DHCP Server is forcing me to have it like this:
    12:02:a5:4f:08:1e FILESERVER
    12:02:a5:4f:08:1f FILESERVER1
    34:16:76:01:dc:22 FILESERVER2

    Is there a way to disable pfsense same Hostname check, same IP check?

    They are all in the same physical server, just NICs configured for load balancing, the iface Bond will change MAC address maintaining the same Hostname and same IP, depending on the load, and or if a card dies.

    I'm afraid if I keep it as pfsense wants, then when a the Bond changes the MAC address to the next card, then pfsense will give out the wrong IP and wrong Hostname

  • You don't want to do that. It'll cause a variety of potential issues with that host, unrelated to that input validation. Put one IP on the bond, not an IP on each NIC.

    That input validation exists because that hostname is used for DNS hostname registration, and you don't want to end up creating a round-robin.

  • side note, if you were not doing a bond, would this be a bad idea? I mean, I have 4 nics in my PC, they all are the same host

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    While you could lagg/bond the interfaces if the nic support it and OS.. How many clients to this file server will there be.  What does the rest of your switching infrastructure look like?  You do have a smart switch right?

    You do understand that 1+1+1+1 does not = 4 when you bond interfaces..

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