DNS issue with wpad

  • Hi,

    I have the following situation:

    pfsense 2.3 on APU2
    3x LAN (1 with physical interface, 2 with VLAN), connection works
    SQUID/Squidguard operating correctly

    I did not want to put the GUI on http, so I established a second nginx, listening on port 80, the original one, configured by webgui, listens on the configured https-port.

    Using the dns forwarder I set up the wpad hostname (domain: localdomain). This works perfectly on the first (physical) LAN.

    The proxy configuration is working also (automatically on the first LAN, if configured manually on the VLANs). I have to configure the proxy using these addresses:

    physical LAN: (but also works using the automatic settings in client browsers)

    Looking at the dns resolution of wpad.localdomain, this does not work for the VLANs, only for the physical LAN.

    I assume, I did something wrong with the dns forwarder - any hints for me, what should be configured?

    Kind regards


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your going to want to localise responses

    -y, –localise-queries
        Return answers to DNS queries from /etc/hosts which depend on the interface over which the query was received. If a name in /etc/hosts has more than one address associated with it, and at least one of those addresses is on the same subnet as the interface to which the query was sent, then return only the address(es) on that subnet. This allows for a server to have multiple addresses in /etc/hosts corresponding to each of its interfaces, and hosts will get the correct address based on which network they are attached to. Currently this facility is limited to IPv4.

    You will then need to create entries in each vlan

    Here is a thread were this was discussed before

    I even put some examples in there on how to use..

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