Brick my 2.3 config?

  • Hi,

    long story but quick written.

    Install pfsense 2.3 + squid. After some changes, actual config drives me crazy. But it looks like its pfsense and not squid.

    Change several times pfsense listen port. Now it is HTTP 8080.

    I have 2 vhosts running at

    Reverse Proxy is totally configured. test1 and test2 configured in same way.

    If I try to connect to test2 from outside, everything works well and I can see inside squid access log that it works fine
    If I try to connect to test1 from outside, I see no incomming request.

    For me it looks like pfsense admin page redirect it before squid will do that.

    Any idea where I can take a look?

    If I start yesterday, everything was working. Today I want to change pfsense admin interface ports and from that point test1 web isn't reachable from outside.

    I have also a vhost But I have not create a squid rule for that. If I try to connect from outside to that host, I see inside squid log a  " TCP_DENIED/403 0 GET - HIER_NONE/- text/html" message
    If I make the same with test1, I see nothing. and the browser runs into timeout.

    Looks like something infront of squid blocks that URL request?

    Edit2: Very strange. cannot access but can access

    Need help

    Edit3: See lights at the end of the tunnel. Looks like problem is related to squid
    1. If you configure a Web Server but you don't use it can confused reverse proxy
    2. If you use HTTP and HTTPS at the same server and define one mapping can confused reverse proxy.

    At the end it wasn't pfsense.

    One additional hint, If you test your config from outside, always clear your browser cache.

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