• Is there any though to putting the tried and true pfSense theme packages back in 2.3.  As someone with an injury (ADA) that affects my vision, the current options after upgrading to 2.3 are very harsh.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the effort to be new and look like everyone else, but one of my decision points on pfSense over some of it's competitors was the interface.


  • I take it you mean the 2.2.x (2.1.x) Red and Grey original?

    I've had that very thought myself, I'm not overjoyed by the standard colour scheme of 2.3.
    Definitely not knocking the release it's been very good to me.
    But as a result of the Bootstrap GUI conversion it should be reasonable to start creating themes/skins for pfSense via some custom css files and other bits.

    I toyed with digging into the files and trying to come up with an alternate, but I haven't managed drag myself into some real R&D time to make it happen.

    +1 on any new themes coming down the road…....

  • @divsys:

    I take it you mean the 2.2.x (2.1.x) Red and Grey original?

    yes, the muted red and grey… as used on this forum.

    The two current options are high contrast and very harsh on certain vision scales.


  • There is a version of the red-grey by Piba-NL under review. See this pull request
    You just put the file from that pull request into /usr/local/www/css/pfSense-compact-red.css and then it appears as a selection in System->General Setup, and you can try it.

  • That's exactly the sort of changes I was expecting!

    The "pfSense-compact-red.css" theme is not perfect (yet), but is a great example of what is reasonable to accomplish with the new 2.3 structure.

    Dare I say you're going to need a "Web-GUI-Themes" forum some time soon? (probably jumping the gun…..)

    Kudos on 2.3, again!

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