Nginx: gateway issue

  • Reading a number of posts on the forum about nginx and gateway shutdowns. This what is happening about every 2 hours on my box. Is this a known bug? Is there a fix in the works for this issue. I first thought it was m ISP' but reading on the forum makes the issue return to Pfsense 2.3. Thanks for any input.

  • There is one known issue that causes that to happen.

    though there are potentially other causes, I've yet to be able to pinpoint any.

    You mentioned thinking it was your ISP, when you see it happening is your Internet down? If so, then bug 6177 is the likely root cause of the gateway timeout, but not related to the Internet not working. That only impacts the web interface, not any traffic passing through the system.

    There is a workaround for 6177 if you go to System>Update, and the Settings tab, and check the box to disable dashboard update checking. Then you'll have to upgrade to 2.3.1 to get the fix for not still doing that check in the background even when it's disabled. On the same Settings tab there, you can set it to development, then do the upgrade to the 2.3.1 version presented.

  • Chris:

    Thanks for the feedback. When I loose connectivity with the ISP it shows up in the gateway log and the graphical display with 200ms.loss.The system can go for hours and then we have the issue every two hours. I am a gold member and really like Pfsense. It been a big learning process for me. I though nginx might be causing thse gateway burst disconnects. I will take you suggestion and make the changes. I am sure the many issues will be resolved. We all need to be patient.

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