Routing in context of a VPN

  • Hello forum,
    I'm new to pfsense (but have some experiences in the linux world) and want to set up a pfsense router that should serve a s a VPN gateway to Predator. I managed to set boa small machine with 2 NIC for WAN and LAN behind my actual router (that I have to keep for some other reason) and it works fine in its basic configuration. The 1st route has the IP The PFSense WAN NIC has the IP and the LAN NIC operates a DHCP server at IP Everything runs smoothly.
    I also manged to set up an Open VPN client profile and the OpenVPN connects fine. As soon as the VPN connection has been established some new routes are pushed to my machine as expected.
    The output of netstat -nrfinet then reads:

    Destination        Gateway            Flags      Netif Expire        UGS      ovpnc1
    default        UGS        re1      UGS      ovpnc1        link#7            UH      ovpnc1      UGS        re1      link#7            UHS        lo0          link#6            UH          lo0        UGS      ovpnc1    link#1            U          re0        link#1            UHS        lo0  link#2            U          re1    link#2            UHS        lo0

    As far as I can see it, everything is looking alright. Also, the OpenVPN log does not contain any errors (except the hint that the add route command failed which is obviously not the case).
    However, as soon as the VPN connection has been established, there is no more WAN connectivity for clients on the LAN interface of pfsense. Pinging any host in the internet fails.
    I'm really confused as all the settings are looking fine but there is simply no connectivity as soon as the VPN is connected.

    Does anybody here have any idea on where to start debugging?
    Thanks a lot in advance

  • In the meantime I fixed this issue. I had to set up NAT for the OpenVPN interface. In case anybody experiences the same issue: I used the latter description in this guide:

    Have a nice weekend!

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