IPv6 or Unbound broken ?

  • Somewhere, someone derailed IPv6 ( or Unbound ?), even Update does not yield anymore ((504 gateway time-out)… What happened ? Latest update April 23rd (can't see it) did it. IPv4 works.

  • Neither are broken as far as I'm aware. I'm using both on most recent 2.3.1 on several test systems and a couple production.

    What specifically isn't working?

  • Didn't change any configs.
    Yes, I have got an IPv6 connect and gateway assigned with ISP
    Yes, I have response on IPv6 gateway monitor

    No active peer (IPv6) for NTP (Status sync source)
    No IPv6 ping from console root (ping6)
    No IPv6 lookup then ofcourse
    No page response on System > Update

    I see WAN-IPv6 changed to igb1 (was on igb0 in previous updates)

  • Sheesh, whatever. Reboot helped. 2.3.1.a.20160422.2257
    And WAN-IPv6 is on igb0 again…

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