2.3 multi wan with pppoe

  • Hello,

    I have two internet connection. For both I need pppoe. I setup the first one with the wizard without any problems. For the second one I add a new Interface and choose pppoe in interface config. Under logs, I see only the WAN pppoe not the OPT4 pppoe. Under interface status pppoe is not connected. Also no Gateways for the second pppoe connection were added.

    What did I wrong?



  • Do you know this thread about? It explain it really nice and clear. please read all posts carefully and not
    speedy over reading all that, please. multi-wan [dual] and policy based routing with failover

    For Dual WAN Internet connections it would be better to go with one fo the mostly three common procedures
    that are all given and offered in pfSense right there on top, load balancing and fail over can combined with ease.

    • policy based routing
    • session based routing
    • service based routing

    The session based routing is more for servers in the DMZ.
    In the most common ways the policy based routing might be the best option for all set ups.
    The service based routing might be more matching to spread over by services likes FTP, VOIP, HTTP, Mail, ect.

  • Hi thank you. My problem is not load balancing. My problem is that the second pppoe connections did not work. There is no dial in (nothings happens) and there is no log why. credentials etc. are correct because i tried to change pppoe connections for WAN with OPT4, and that works.

    Short: pppoe on WAN works but pppoe on OPT4 not. There is no connection to the pppoe server.

  • Sorry for hijacking but I have the same problem. 2 internet connections with pppoe. 2 subnets and each subnet should use one pppoe connection, so no balancing and failover. I have 4 interfaces. The 2 LAN interfaces work fine, but I can only get one WAN interface to work. If i deactivate one WAN interface the other WAN interface gets an internet connection. If both are active only one is working.

    Any ideas?

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