Easiest way to downgrade pfSense in a full install?

  • Until recently I run pfSense nano, now I have a full installation on an mSATA (pfSense 2.2.6). On the nano version a backup of the system to a second slice was very simple and this made a downgrade really easy.

    Is there an easy / recommended way to downgrade pfSense in a full installation as well? Or does that require a fresh installation? I'm aware of the PFI option for a fresh installation, but what about packages?


  • You have to reinstall the old version, and restore a config backup from that version afterwards, not the newer config.

  • Ok. So that gives me a fresh install with the complete configuration and rrd data restored. Packages are referenced in the configuration but not installed after this, right?

    In the documentation in https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Configuration_Backup_and_Restore it says:

    'This page also contains two useful package functions:
    Reinstall Packages: This button initiates a re-installation of all currently installed packages.'

    That sounds promising but I can't see this (pfSense Version 2.2.6). Is the documentation outdated or is this feature available starting from pfSense 2.3?

    If this feature is available: After a fresh install with an old configuration file would I be able to reinstall all packages from here which are referenced in the configuration?


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