Bridge doesn't come up after reboot

  • Hi,

    I created a layer 2 bridge setup between two sites in order to get my IPTV settopboxes working in both sites. On each pfSense box, a normal interface and a GIF interface are bridged together. This works fine.

    However, after a reboot the bridge interface doesn't come up and is not listed in ifconfig. I can get the bridge up by going to Interfaces -> (Assign) -> Bridges -> Edit -> Save.

    How can I make the bridge come up automatically after a reboot?  I'm using pfSense 2.3.

    – Richard

  • Anyone know how to go about fixing this interface startup order issue?  Or a commandline workaround perhaps?

  • Richard,

    it may helps you and others if you draw a small network schematic that can be watched by all other users.