Another way to check with Nagios while NRPE is missing since 2.3

  • Hi all,

    we do have a big problem since the pfSense release 2.3. As described, the NRPE2 Package has been removed,
    but we do need this package for our checks of our meshed network and all our pfSenses auround the world.

    We do have several IPSec tunnels on each ALIX boards or servers (some built as clusters and some with more than
    one WAN interface). We've checked via Nagios, if all those connections are fine (IPSec state), as well as the
    system load or the network load (WAN, LAN, VLAN).

    Right now, we have to upgrade all systems, which leads our monitoring to tell us, that everything is in bad
    condition, which is not true.

    As far as we have dicovered, there are only two ways of checks:

    • remote checks via rsh (where it is really complicated to get states like "OK", "warning", "critical"
    • checks via SNMP (where we right now do not have any MiB descriptions to use and the whole reuild of the monitoring system)

    So is there right now a possibility to

    1.) get NRPE running on 2.3 (regularly or in a newer version 2.3.1)?
    2.) get a complete described SNMP MiB?
    3.) have another easier way the get those checks running with nagios?

    I think we are not the onliest having those problems and hopfully there is a solution which is not so complicated…


    a poor IT Team

  • We've tried, but did get several errors:

    1.) wrong architecture - changes to the right one for our test ALIX Board
    2.) missing dependencies - tried to install the dependencies manually, but not supported
    3.) after manual installation - nothing happened and NRPE did not work

  • are there any sources if i would like to try to make NRPE v2 compatible to 2.3?

  • Hi.

    Could you solve this Problem?

    My solution was to put another Linux based VM to the network and place NRPE there. I could reach it easily via the VPN between my pfSenses.


  • Hello,

    no i do the same way and check connections with additional Linux-Servers and NRPE too.

    It`s a 2nd-way-Solution but works.

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