Pfsense like fileserver for Windows users

  • hi. i'm new here
    now i use linux for router/fileserver on small network (25 PC with WINXP)

    i buy new small machine for router/firewall/fileserver
    MB GA-m61SME-S2L
    CPU sempron LE 1100
    HDD - 40 GB for OS
    HDD - 2x500GB for user files in raid

    and think pfsense is best choice for me for router/firewall

    but can i use pfsense like file server for window users and are this good idea to be file serv/router/firewall in same time or maybe must build onother machine for router/firewall

  • Search for NAS and you should find many responses explaining why this is a terrible idea.

  • make a second machine for the file server.  freeNAS is build for this kind of thing, its similar to pfsense

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