Maximum number of nics?

  • Hello,
    I'm looking for a solution to an 8 nics configuration, I mean, one of the firms I work for, needs to manage 3 WANS and 5 LANS, this way I need 8 nics, I've seen that FreeBSD (thus pfsense?) supports the Intel pwla8494gt (a pci card that has 4 nics built in), this way I just need 2 of these cards to have the needed hardware, can pfsense manage 8 nics? If yes, which is the recommended amount of ram, cpu power, etc. to manage the traffic? (don't need traffic shaping, but normal routing/natting and some rules to avoid some of the lans to see each other (at least one way and not the other).

    Thanks for the answers.

  • Sorry, found an answer to the limit of nics usable (,10465.0.html), but the other question is still  actual. ^_^

  • You could just use a vlan switch

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