Password protect the console menu during updates

  • Hello,

    I've noticed that during each update of the snapshots; that if I update while having the setting "Password protect the console menu". Upon booting up the system the local terminal is unlocked. I then have to either save the page or rechecking the setting; in order to lock the local terminal. Is this noted or is this due to how the updates perform?

  • A Redmine issue exists for it:
    and currently is targeted for 2.3.1 but not yet actually fixed.

  • Just curious as I've noticed that some snapshot upgrade leave the console password protect when returning from reboot. I'm not sure if its been patched before since I didn't hear a successful login beep when re login in after upgrading to the newest snapshots on certain ones(could be wrong) but Mon May 09 snapshot kept the console password protected upon returning from the first reboot.

  • It is fixed now… see rm ticket

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