Is it possible to do a full restore from 2.3 to 2.2.6

  • It seems that the 2.3 update is just too much for my aging hardware with Snort and pfBlockerNG running. 2.2.6 ran perfectly fine. My question is can I do a full backup from the backup files on the hard drive?

    I read the docs but I don't have a rc.restore_full_backup script in /etc. I also can't seem to get it to boot a CD drive any longer so fresh install and config restore of 2.2.6 isn't possible either. I just need to get this thing back running stable so I can get some new hardware coming and build a new box, that's why I want to restore it.

    Is this possible?

  • Neither of those have significantly different requirements than before. Passing traffic is less resource intensive than previously because of tryforward. What are you seeing that indicates it's "too much"? Parts of the GUI, probably only the dashboard, are more CPU-intensive than before, but not so much it'll have a significant impact on the system (and that's generally something you're not in much anyway).

    The old full backup could be restored by manually extracting the tgz in /root/, but it's not a good means of doing backup/restore, which is why it no longer exists. It just copies your old files on top of all the new ones, with no regard for what it's leaving behind that wasn't there before. If you want to go back, you'll have to reinstall to ensure you have a sane system. It can't boot from USB either?

  • I've never been able to get this thing to reliably boot from USB in the past but I guess I could give that a shot again. It's all 14 year old desktop stuff so it's due for replacement anyway.

    It's using up all the memory and a fair amount of swap space as well. That's what I mean by too much for this old hardware. I'm assuming there are some logs I could look at to see what's causing the lock ups but I don't know where they are.

  • Eh, never mind, hardware died so it's a moot point now. At least I have regular config backups.