Asterisk AIX2 (4569) Shaping.

  • Hi folks…

    I need a few pointers here... I've implemented traffic shaping using the wizard. All of our VoIP traffic to our Asterisk box uses IAX2 on UDP port 4569, so I added rules to filter all UDP 4569 to the VoIP queues:

    WAN->LAN UDP * *Port: 4569 qVOIPDown/qVOIPUp m_voip Asterisk inbound
    LAN->WAN UDP * *Port: 4569 qVOIPUp/qVOIPDown m_voip Asterisk outbound

    I  port forward UDP 4569 to our astirisk box to support PBX to PBX connections from our remote sites.

    So, according to this, any inbound or outbound UDP traffic on port 4569 SHOULD be directed to my VoIP queues..

    Here's the deal... when monitoring the Queues, all VoIP traffic ends up in my P2P catch all..  Is there something obvious I'm missing?

    Thanks in advance ...


  • Update…

    While searching through the forums, I came accross this:,9782.0.html

    I enabled the shaping rules, rebooted the box, and, SHAZAM!, UDP 4569 traffic is now redirected to the proper queues...

    Don't know if this is a BUG or a Feature, but at least I can prioritize my VoIP traffic..



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