• Upgraded yestarday & upgrade blew Haproxy out of the water.. couldnt get it to run at all. had to roll back to old setup.
    Anyone else had issues with haproxy?

    removing & re-adding ha didnt work.

  • Did you try searching the existing forum posts? There have been several reports of this issue the solution mentioned.


    Also on redmine its known: https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/6137

  • Have you tried the search?

    I searched & posted at same time…. search is pants... 6 pages of crud...
    anyhow, thank you for pointng me in right direction

  • Yes searching is easy, just type some words like "haproxy 2.3 error" produces exactly 10 results for me, several having more or less the same information about removing old files. Or if you search for "haproxy 2.3" the very first result is a "Installation and Upgrades / HEADS UP on 2.3 upgrade if using haproxy".

    Anyway if your still having issues after trying the removal of old files, please do post the error messages you experience and maybe some advice specific to your installation can be provided.