Sun Jul 20 08:58:35 build stopped passing packets

    built on Sun Jul 20 08:58:35 EDT 2008

    I see a new build is out now will try that. But after a few hours the above snapshot was failing to pass packets to WAN. I was still able to get to the web UI a reboot from the UI and things started to work again. Accessed Web UI via LAN to do reboot. Did not see anything in the system logs. Sorry I dont have any more info.

    Well I guess no new build is out at this time….Auto Update Check tells me one is but when I did it was the same. Maybe has to do with time zones?  I have set for my "Firmware Auto Update URL"
    And also have checked "Use a different URL server for firmware upgrades other than"

  • Mondays build caused the same problem. After update and reboot the box fails to pass traffic. A reboot of the box corrects the problem.

  • Need more info. Is the LAN accessible afterwards?  If so, what do the system log and Status-> Interfaces show?

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