*FIXED* IPSec site-to-site transport mode GRE verification

  • ~~Hello everyone,

    I've got a question regarding IPSec transport mode and GRE interfaces.

    If i understand correctly when i configure IPSec transport mode between two sites the traffic moving between the two addresses is automatically encrypted.
    Is there a way i can verify this? When dumping the enc0 interface i do not see any traffic and when dumping the WAN interface i see plain text OSPF messages from my Quagga instance that is running between the sites.

    I hope i have provided enough info.

    Thanks in advance,


    I seem to have fixed the problem, i'm not quite sure what fixed it. I changed two things, i changed the hostnames in my phase 1 entry to ip's and i disabled PFS on phase 2. After that i re-enabled PFS on Phase 2 and it still worked. I verified this by dumping my WAN and enc0 interface. If anyone has the same problem and can't figure it out i'd be willing to help out.