NAT 1:1 with internal ip in an alias ?

  • Hi,

    I have about 30 ips on one wan connection
    I want to put a network range of the lan for each ip

    Example : => 1.20 => IP1 => 1.23 => IP2 = 1.62 => IP3

    For the moment i find how to add a virtual ip to a host with NAT 1:1
    I see it's also possible to make it with network

    But is there a way to do it with an alias ? or an ip range ?

    I hope that if someone whant to put 1.1, 1.72, 1.128 and 1.203 on one virtual ip he doesn't have to do a rule for each ip ?

    If it's not possible, maybe a random between all virtuals ips could be enough for my case, but ideally network range or alias would be better