• Hi all,

    Trying to get the IPSEC tunnel to connect with a NetScreen Firewall at work and whilst setting it up, I noticed some errors in the IPSEC Log :

    Apr 19 12:01:41 racoon: ERROR: fatal parse failure (1 errors)
    Apr 19 12:01:41 racoon: ERROR: /var/etc/racoon.conf:7: "d" parse error

    Is this something in the code or my user failure?


    – Phob

    PS - I'm using Beta3

  • Haven't ever seen this one and we havent changed ipsec code for 2+ betas.

    I'd lean towards user error.

  • Looks like user error was to blame as I was able to get my IPSec tunnel up with my workplace's NetScreen firewall.


    – Phob