User guaranteed bandwidth

  • It it possible to guarantee a minimun bandwith for each ip address on lan?

  • You can use HFSC to create queues and assign minimum bandwidths, but I think there is a limit of 16 queues. The biggest issue with with anything that is "per IP address", is it is algorithmically complex and will have at least O(n) scaling. There is no good way to solve this issue and anyone who does have a "solution" is going to have performance issues at high speeds.

    If you need to supply an SLA, there is no cheap solution except for low speeds. If all you care about is best effort, you're better off looking into stateless algorithms like CoDel, fq_CoDel, or Cake. Cake is the only one that can actually near perfectly distribute bandwidth among devices. CoDel and fq_CoDel just fight buffer bloat which in and of itself makes a world of difference.

    I know I didn't answer the question at all, but I gave some food for thought.

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